Welcome To Wonder


Your Brain, Without Boundaries

Wonder is a new kind of research service that makes your brain scalable. We provide instant access to the intellect and fact-finding skills of a distributed network of analysts around the world. We enable anyone - from individuals up to Fortune 500s - to gain strategic knowledge when they need it most.


Knowledge for Everyone

Knowledge is power. While the internet has helped democratize information over the past 20 years, the synthesis of that information into useful, actionable knowledge remains unaffordable and inaccessible to most.

We still pay millions for our educations and the insights that enable us to run our companies, organizations, and institutions. Wonder was founded to bring knowledge to the world faster, cheaper, and in ways that allow us as a society to discover ideas never before connected.

Curiosity Drives Us

We are a team of extremely driven individuals who share a passion for learning and adventure. Together we're building the future of knowledge exploration.

The Core Team
The Analyst Network

We're a global community of smart, curious freelancers who come to Wonder for intellectually challenging work. If you're one of us, check out our analyst application!


Our Values

Never stop learning. Expand your mind. Ask stupid questions. Constantly challenge your beliefs.
Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Proactively ask for help. Listen. Collaborate. Many minds are greater than one.
Obstacles are opportunities. There is always a way. Make your luck. Be driven. Be resourceful.
Everything is possible. Be optimistic. Make others successful. Be generous. Put others first. Improve the world.

How We Work

From constraint comes creativity
We embrace limited resources, and leverage what we have to spark imagination. We focus, triage, start small, test early, and figure out how to operate at scale only after seeing early indicators of success.
Many minds over one
We over-communicate, and seek out people smarter than ourselves to learn from. We’re not afraid to ask for help or advice. In turn, we’re generous with our own experience and help elevate others.
Gut-driven, data-informed
We don't wait for perfect data to make decisions. We act quickly, experiment often, and take smart risks. Most decisions are not permanent and can be reversed if necessary.
From debate comes truth
We have strong opinions, but hold them loosely. We constantly challenge ourselves to find deeper understanding. Questions can be more valuable than answers.

Our Purpose

Wonder was built to change the way we learn.

At a young age we're all insatiably curious – endlessly questioning everything we see. But as we grow, that beautiful curiosity is suppressed to manufacture a standard human widget.

Wonder was built to make learning human again, and to create a place where questions can call home. We're building a future where curiosity drives success, and where anyone can empower themselves to learn what they need to do what they love.

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