Research Outline

Adidas and Reebok Partnerships


To gain an understanding of what professional sports leagues and teams brands Adidas and Reebok are partnered with within the US and Canada, as well as what major events they either own or are the main sponsor for

Early Findings


  • The most well known and historic partnership with a sports league Adidas has is with FIFA, whom they've partnered with since 1970, when they began supplying official match balls for FIFA World Cup matches


  • While Reebok previously had a partnership with the NHL (2007-2017), parent company Adidas asked the NHL to replace Reebok as its official uniform supplier, and has made efforts to lower the team sports association of Reebok, with aims of making it more of a casual fitness brand.
  • Reebok is also partnered with the UFC, however the sponsorship payments they've made to athletes have decreased significantly in the past couple years.