Research Outline

Demographic Analysis - Always Discreet, Always Discreet Boutique, and Depend.


To determine the demographic profile of buyers of all product lines of Always Discreet, Always Discreet Boutique, and Depend covering the age, gender, location (urban or rural), income level, educational level, marital status, and the ethnicity of female buyers of these brands.

Early Findings

Always Discrete

  • Always recently published a report on women with bladder leaks. According to the report, one in three women between the ages of 18 - 65 have experienced some form of bladder leakage in the past three months.
  • Bladder leaks are also mostly experienced by young and middle-aged women. About 68% of women who experience such leaks are yet to reach menopause, while only 32% of women with the condition have gone through menopause. Also, 15% of women with the condition indicated they exercise regularly or consider themselves runners or athletes.
  • Those who are 24 years of age (and below) constitute the majority of consumers who buy the Always brand.
  • Majority of those who prefer this brand earn around $60,000 and below, posses college or advanced college degrees, and have no kids.

General Demographics of Women with Bladder Leaks

  • Bladders leaks occur most frequently in women aged between 65 - 80. According to a report by AARP, half of the women in that age category experienced some form of bladder leakage in the past year.
  • Among this group of women, the condition is mostly triggered by coughing or sneezing (79%), not getting to a bathroom in time (64%), and laughing (37%).

Summary of Findings

Our preliminary findings indicate that bladder leak protection brands do not typically disclose any unique information relating to their consumer-base. This may be because as much as 80% of those who experience this condition do not talk about it and would prefer it remains hidden from the general public, and as such, only general demographic information remains publicly available. Due to this fact, we do not believe further research on this specific area would yield any additional results.