Research Outline

AI in healthcare


In order to assist a Healthcare AI startup, provide research on AI in healthcare, including trends, the key players in this space, the regulatory environment, the ares (diseases) that AI can help with, the key challenges, the weakness (problems) with AI in healthcare, and market size. Focus on Europe and the US, but provide global data when necessary.

Early Findings

Market Size

  • The global AI in healthcare market was valued at USD 2.1 billion in 2018. It is projected to grow to USD 36.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 50.2% during the forecast period.
  • This is being driven by the increasing amount of big data available, cross-industry partnerships, and the demand to reduce the cost and workforce of healthcare.


  • There will be a shift in healthcare from providing products to providing solutions. Solutions will focus on collaboration and preventative care, instead of very specific products for treating diseases.
  • There is a shift in healthcare to providing products specifically for consumers, rather than for doctors and systems that treat the patients.
  • AI will specifically affect the medical imaging industry.

Key Players

  • Key players in the global AI healthcare market include NVIDIA (US), Intel (US), IBM (US), Google (US), Microsoft (US), AWS (US), General Vision (US), GE Healthcare (US), Siemens Healthineers (Germany), Medtronic (US). The market has active participation of start-ups. A few emerging start-ups in the market are CloudMedx (US), Imagia Cybernetics (Canada), Precision Health AI (US), and Cloud Pharmaceuticals (US).