Research Outline

Article 15 in India.

Early Findings


Find out whether the newly released Indian movie Article 15 had any issues in its release and why.

Early Findings

  • In the city of Kanpur, screenings of the film were suspended due to disturbances caused by religious groups, who entered cinemas shouting slogans, and tearing posters.
  • It has been decided that the movie screening in the city would be suspended due to these issues.
  • Brahmins religious groups in Kanpur are the ones causing disruptions in movie theatres screening the film.
  • The movie is based on Article 15 of the Constitution in India. This law states that the Indian government should not discriminate between citizens based on their religion, race, caste, gender or where they are born.
  • It also mentions that this type of discrimination should not take place in any shops, restaurants, hotels and public entertainment venues.
  • The film Article 15 portrays a police investigation into a murder of women from the lower classes in the city of Banaras. It shows that discrimination still exists in some areas of India, despite the law.
  • The movie was released on 28th of June in India and expected to be a success with earning expected to be between Rs 5 and Rs 7 crore on opening day.
  • Its final version has been given the approval to be screened to all the public with parental guidance.
  • Even before its release, the movie made waves in India, with some religious groups trying to stop it.
  • They were protests recorded by the Brahmins 15 days before the release of the film, due to a perception that their community was infairly portrayed in the movie, and made to look as murderers and rapists.
  • They have threatened to block the release of the movie around the country if the government did not listen to them by banning the film.

Proposed Next Steps

After conducting background research on the movie Article 15 and the Constitution article of the same name, we propose a deep dive into all the events and incidents that happened in India before and after the release of the movie, including dates, type of incident, location and perpetrators. We also propose to summarize all those incidents and explain why they happened and the impact on the movie's release. (3 hours, $75)