Research Outline

Animal Science and Research


Provide information on animal sciences and new wildlife research.

Early Findings

Animal Dispersion and Prevalence

  • There are five primary biomes on Earth that provide habitats for unique wildlife, these being the desert, aquatic, grassland, forest and tundra environments.
  • There are numerous sub-biomes that are home to various species of wildlife.
  • It is estimated that over 8.7 million unique species are alive on Earth, only 1.3 million of these having been identified.
  • The highest percentage of living organism types are animals at 76%, followed by plants at 17%.
  • There are over 6,000 known species of wildlife that exist in North America.

Animal Conservancy

  • The global animal conservancy market/expenditure has reached $76 billion, $7 billion of this being from the United States.
  • New research and species discovery is increasing the perceived importance of biodiversity and the conservation of lesser known animal types.
  • National Geographic pioneers wildlife research and census studies.
  • ZSL Publications provides up-to-date articles on new and trending research in animal conservancy.