Research Outline

Australia Boutique Hotels: Competitive Analysis


Determine the competitive landscape of boutique hotels in Melbourne and Brisbane. This information will be used for a hotel brand positioning marketing strategy for a property in Australia.

Early Findings


The Como

The Adelphi Hotel


Ovolo Inchcolm Brisbane

  • The Ovolo Inchcolm Brisbane is a boutique hotel in Brisbane that has been recently renovated.
  • The hotel is located inside a building that was erected during the 30s.
  • Ovolo's rock n' roll design is considered to be an epitome of luxury.
  • The hotel's design is also being compared to an artist's hangout in Paris because of its creativity-inducing ambiance.
  • Salon de Co is a high-end restaurant inside the hotel's premises.
  • The restaurant tries to balance a home-like atmosphere and its artistic ambiance by applying concepts from the Art Deco era and the crazy years.

Spicers Balfour Hotel