Research Outline

B2C Startup Exit: Average Time


To identify the average exit time of B2C startups as compared to B2B startups in order to support an idea related to b2c startups' success.

Early Findings

We found a pre-compiled list of the exit times of various companies. We've presented the findings in the research below.


  • According to a research report, it was found that B2C focused startups exit faster as compared to other startups.


  • B2C social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snap Inc, and Twitter took 7, 8, 6, and 6 years respectively to exit.
  • And as a result, the average time for an exit of B2C social media startups was 6.75 years.


  • The number of years B2C marketplace startups took to exit are as follows:
1. Priceline - 1 year
2. eBay - 3 years
3. Expedia - 3 years
4. Etsy - 9 years
5. Elevate Credit - 2 years
6. Angie's List - 16 years
7. Zillow - 4 years
8. Groupon - 2 years
9. Grubhub - 9 years
10. Redfin - 14 years
11. - 6 years
12. Opentable - 10 years
  • And as a result, the average time for an exit of B2C marketplace startups was 6.58 years.

We found a list of exit dates of the top companies in the world at CB Insights. This source would help find more companies for various categories.