Research Outline

B2B Brand/Company - Successful Podcasts


Identify case studies of successfully branded B2B podcasts with metrics to demonstrate that the podcast has led to increased sales, leads generated, brand awareness, or other benefits.

Early Findings


  • Shopify produced a podcast called TGIM until 2016 which aimed to reach ambitious entrepreneurs early in their careers. Through the podcast, Shopify hoped to increase brand awareness among this sector and increase the likelihood that they will choose Shopify for their e-commerce needs.
  • Shopify is currently producing two podcasts, Masters and Vanguard.
  • Shopify powers over 275,000 retailers in 150 countries.
  • Through its podcast and blog, Shopify has defined its brand as the go-to destination for entreprenuers.
  • The producer of Shopify's TGIM podcast, Pacific Content, says that branded podcasts are not focused on short-term conversions, but developing a positive first-impression and relationship with a brand. This long-term approach explains the lack of clear metrics for the success of branded podcasts.

Other B2B Podcasts