Research Outline

Banks - Consumer Rewards Credit Cards: United States


To understand which banks, in the United States, issue consumer rewards credit cards (which would include regional banks and national banks). To find out for each of those banks, whether they offer cash back or points, and if cash back, whether they offer above 1% back on any transaction types. Additionally, to know if it is points, do they offer above 1x for any transaction types, and what the approximate value per point is, and finally to know what kind of sign-up bonus they are offering. To have all of that in a Google spreadsheet.

Early Findings

Summary Of Our Early Findings Relevant To The Goals

  • Here is the spreadsheet we have created that is set to viewable only. If approved we will make a copy of this and make it shareable and editable for our analysts.
  • Our first hour of research clearly showed that almost all banks, whether regional or national, offer consumer rewards credit cards.
  • We were able to provide 10 banks in the initial hour of research where we verified the fact that they do offer consumer rewards credit cards.
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