Research Outline

Trends in Rx Anti-aging and Rx Skincare


To obtain 2-3 additional trends in Rx anti-aging and Rx skincare/beauty — topical or ingestible.

Early Findings

Trends in Rx-aging and Skincare

  • Face-Rx is another trend in the anti-aging space. This is an online prescription anti-aging and telemedicine platform specifically in the area of personalized skincare.
  • Patients can be assisted on matters to do with sunspots, pore size, melasma and other similar items. It prescribes products such as day cream, cleaners, and spot creams.
  • Ingestible anti-aging products are growing in popularity as customers are purchasing products such as collagen gummies, sweet glow gummies, and several others.
  • Some companies, EverBody and Alchemy 43 and are offering anti-aging injectibles.
  • Gaining momentum is the belief that a pill a day can keep age spots, wrinkles and gray hair away. Millenials and men are two of the main targets for these products. One study shows that 84% of men between 18 and 44 years of age use nutricosmetics products.
  • Since some millenials are in the mid-30s they are the ideal group for a product that prevents age spots, wrinkles and gray hair.