Research Outline

Beef Processing Market Overview


To understand the competitive landscape in the beef processing/packing market and determine potential holes in the marketplace by researching companies (American Food Groups, Greater Omaha Packing, Caviness Beef Packers, and Kenosha Beef International) and the niches each company is filling, how they distribute their products, facility locations, capacity, and how long they have been in business.

Early Findings

American Food Groups

  • American Food Groups is owned by Rosen's Diversified, Inc. which has been in business since 1946. 1974 was when the company bought its first packing plant and entered the meat-processing business.
  • The company provides USDA-grade beef in "frozen, fresh, or fully prepared meals."
  • A few of the niches they cater to are retail meal solutions, fresh meat facilities, food service, and also to foreign companies as well. Its product is also sold in grocery stores, stadiums, and schools.
  • They focus on beef, Halal, ground beef, frozen beef, specialty cuts, and farm to table.
  • American Food Groups has 8 main facility locations in the Midwest and Washington.

Greater Omaha Packing

  • Greater Omaha has been in the meat business since 1920.
  • Greater Omaha has one plant in Omaha, Nebraska, and does all of its "processing under one roof." The company specializes in "top-of-the-Prime grade steaks."
  • It ships product to every state, 50 countries, and straight to consumers' homes. Consumers are able to purchase fresh meat from an online store. The company supplies beef from Angus and Hereford cattle.
  • Greater Omaha provides beef to a variety of industries including retailers, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Its division Trex Corp. distributes Japanese wagyu.

Caviness Beef Packers

  • Caviness Beef Packers has been in the beef industry since 1962.
  • The company has two locations in Texas.
  • Caviness claims to be a "progressive beef packer" that's product is sold through service and retail chains.
  • Through its many brands, Caviness provides products in "healthy, lean beef," boxed beef, grain fed cattle, regional beef products, and top-shelf grain fed beef.

Kenosha Beef International

  • The company is also known as Birchwood Foods and was founded in 1936.
  • Kenosha has three plants in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Atlanta. The Wisconsin location distributes fresh/frozen ground beef patties, the Ohio location distributes cooked taco meat and entrees, and the Atlanta plant distributes fresh/frozen ground beef patties.
  • Products can be found in food service, retail, ready-to-cook, and frozen.
  • The main product Kenosha distributes is ground beef for frozen hamburgers and entrees. However, they also sell carintas- style pork roast, tuscan-style tenderloin, and beef pot roast.