Research Outline

Financial Regulators


Obtain information on financial regulators and a list of businesses that produce and measure data. The information will be used to find new ways of funding companies.

Early Findings

Innovative Financial Regulators

Dominic Venturo

  • Dominic Venturo is the Chief Innovation Officer for payment services at U.S. Bank.
  • He is one of the speakers in the Bank Innovation Conference in Seattle, USA.
  • He will also be involved in a conversation at Bank Innovation Build 2019.
  • Mr. Venturo is responsible for the deployment of various innovative technologies in the industry.
  • His financial innovations include "blockchain, faster payments, computer vision, and augmented reality."

Diana Biggs

  • Diana Biggs is the Head of Innovation at the Global Private Banking Division of HSBC.
  • She will be one of the speakers in the Finovate Europe 2020 conference.
  • Ms. Biggs is a "global consultant and entrepreneur" who is an expert in innovative technologies.
  • She is also recognized as a blockchain expert.
  • She has provided her expertise to the "University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Oliver Wyman Financial Services, and now at HSBC."

Kahina Van Dyke

  • Kahina Van Dyke is the Senior Vice President for Business and Corporate Development for the Ripple company.
  • She is widely recognized for her experience in influencing financial institutions to "adopt innovative and once-radical technologies."
  • She is currently aiming to persuade the financial industry to be more open to cryptocurrency.

Companies that Produce and Measure Data


  • Surtrac provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can consolidate the real-time data captured from current and newly-placed IoT sensors and equipment to monitor, improve, and configure traffic lights.
  • The solution enables the adjustment of the traffic lights based on the traffic situation or the time of day.


  • Nedap provides a smart parking solution that uses "long-range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) sensors" to capture information on the vehicles entering parking lots.
  • The solution also calculates parking fees automatically.
  • The company's Sensit solution gets data from ground parking sensors to evaluate the occupancy scenarios in parking lots.
  • The data is then used to generate insights that are used to guide vehicles to the right parking spots.