Research Outline

Benchmarking Agency Rates


To establish a set of benchmarks for rates billed by creative and/or digital agency rates in the United States.

Early Findings

  • Workamajig reviewed data from 122 agencies (approximately 57% were either digital or creative focused) and found that only 7.4% share their pricing publicly and further note that no creative agency shared their rates publicly.
  • Typically, agencies sell their services by offering free consultations and audits.
  • Credo has performed 2 digital marketing pricing surveys (one in 2017 along with their most recent) from 271 marketing agencies and consultants across the United States, United Kingdom, and various other countries. Full raw data from the most recent survey can be found in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Of the 268 companies included in the Credo raw data, approximately 155 are located in the US. Of those in the US, five have an average overall hourly rate of under $50, 18 average between $51-100 per hour, 55 average between $101 and $150, 46 average between $151-$200, 23 agencies average between $201 and $300 per hour, four average between $301 and $500, and four average over $501 per hour. These rates are likely affected by agency size, contract status, and service offerings among other things.
  • Credo's Digital Marketing Industry Pricing Survey further states, "while it is impossible to nail down a specific average hourly rate based on our data, if we try by averaging the hourly rate ranges into the middle number for each, then the average hourly rate for digital marketers and digital marketing firms worldwide is $148.13 per hour. Using the same data, the average hourly rate for US digital marketers/firm is $167.28 and the average hourly rate for UK digital marketers/firms is $111.36."