Research Outline

Case Study: Cost Savings


To determine case studies where large businesses leveraged United Rentals (and maybe Herc and/or Sunbelt) to produce cost savings.

Early Findings

During our initial research, we were unable to gather any case study where large businesses leveraged United Rentals/Herc/Sunbelt to produce cost savings since most of the case studies were just focused on the improvement of services or similar without any glimpse for cost-saving. However, we were able to gather one case study where Sunbelt produce cost savings on a project. A summary of our findings is provided below:


  • In Bessemer, Ala, Jefferson County, Sunbelt was awarded the subcontractor role for the bypass system of a cured-in-place pipe(CIPP) lining project.
  • The Sunbelt team selected the best route for the bypass which included replacement of pipe in a drainage canal alleviating the extended disruption of nearby roadways and hence reducing the cost of placing additional suction structures on the sewer.
  • The rental equipment included: design and installation of five runs of pipe, 18-inch HDPE pipe totaling 18,500 feet, and others.
  • After the plan was put into place, the bypass system ran perfectly and without any incident for eight weeks and despite the demanding conditions, the CIPP lining was completed ahead of schedule allowing Sunbelt team to wrap the bypass early.
  • In this way, Sunbelt Rentals helped in early project completion and an upgraded ground system for Jefferson County leading to cost savings by cutting additional expenses for placing additional suction structures on the sewer.