Research Outline

Higher Education Marketing Best Practices


To understand best practices for marketing higher education in Latin America to Latin Americans in order to inform a marketing strategy.

Early Findings

  • Behaviors of students from different countries in Latin America may be different as well. For example, "a Mexican student may prefer to study in the United Kingdom, while a student from Colombia or Argentina will choose to study in Spain." So, understanding their behavior may be the best way to market higher education to Latin American students.
  • Focusing on STEM subjects is a great way to attract Latin American students.
  • Promoting English language learning resources, in addition to focusing on STEM subjects, may also be a good idea as many Latin American students have known to have English learning as an educational goal.
  • Student ambassadors from the Latin America will also help in improving the image of a university among Latin American students.
  • School affordability, paying in installments, and an uncomplicated application process are things that also attract Latin American students.
  • Latin American students prefer destinations and experiences over other things, e.g. ratings, so this might be something to lverage.
  • Beefing up the social media strategy is another obvious best practice.