Research Outline

Best Practices for Promoting Launch of Niche Job Board


Identify three best practices for prmoting the launch of a niche job board, or, if best practices for promotion are not available, expand to best practices about client targeting, pricing, or other best practices specific to launch.

Early Findings

After a thorough search, we were unable to identify best practices in promotion specific to newly created niche job boards. However, we were able to identify the following three best practices for promoting niche job boards in general (both new and ongoing).

Produce Quality Content

  • One way to promote a niche job board is by publishing high-quality additional content as well that attracts users to the site. Additionally, relevant content can help increase the site's SEO and drive more traffic to the site.
  • One example of this is Good Food Jobs, a job board specifically for job opening related to cooking and agriculture. Good Food Jobs publishes a weekly blog and newsletter that offers inspiration to those in the industry, attracts people to their site and keeps people engaged.

Create a Brand

Market Efficiently

  • It is best to choose marketing strategies that directly target job seekers and posters specific to the job board niche. In this way, the marketing becomes efficient, saving the company money as well as getting better results.
  • This includes choosing the best platforms to reach the intended audience(s), wether it be through distinct social media platforms, direct mail, influencer marketing or physical advertisements. This must be customized to the job board target audience(s).