Research Outline

Boingo Market Research


To identify the pricing plans and contract structure for Hotel Internet Services, BlueprintRF, Wanaport, Apogee, and CampusConnect.

Early Findings

Blueprint RF

  • The company has not published its pricing plans on its official website. There is a contact form provided with a drop down-menu with options such as "learn more about Blueprint RF", "request a dashboard demo", "new build hotel-install wi-fi network," etc which can be used to request a quotation based on specific requirements.
  • A quote can also be obtained from the Hotel Tech Report website by providing the following information: hotel type, number of rooms, and region. A company representative will follow up via email.
  • While there was no specific information available on the company itself, a contributor has provided general pricing information for hotel Wi-Fi and has also recommended BluePrint RF as a leading provider/installer.

Hotel Internet Services

  • The company's official website does not provide information on pricing and contract terms. They do offer a free 29 point wifi assessment which can be arranged by providing contact details via this form.
  • From the initial consultation, site survey, and completed installation, this company will provide 24×7 support and monitoring along with its hospitality Wi-Fi services.
  • There was only 1 review of the company in Yelp. Despite certain issues, the reviewer had highlighted good customer service by the company and had not mentioned anything that relates to pricing or contract terms.
  • While there were insufficient reviews to form an unbiased opinion of the services, the company's Facebook page contained a comment from a customer/guest that mentioned a "one week $20 option for wifi."
  • A quote can also be obtained from the Hotel Tech Report website.


  • The company offers wired/wireless guest internet service with 24x7 technical support and proactive network monitoring, as well as hybrid internet solutions (free internet for guests plus the option to purchase additional premium bandwidth). Pricing information is not made available on its official website and can be obtained using the provided contact form.
  • Wanaport offers its IT services in hourly blocks of 10, 40 or 80 hours (TBD) since some customers may not prefer monthly contracts.
  • The company will provide a SOW (statement of work) containing the pricing on the block of time, or cost of the project broken up into phases and hourly rates with the total. Wanaport will obtain 50% of the cost upfront as a deposit and the remaining 50% will be billed upon completion of the project.