Research Outline

Boutique Fitness Research


To provide 4-6 trends in the boutique fitness industry. For each trend, we will indicate what the trend is, why it is a trend, and provide examples of companies that are manifesting this trend.

Early Findings


  • This fitness trend involves a growing popularity of boutique boxing studios. Boutique style boxing studios have reinvented themselves and they are no longer predominantly male gyms.
  • Boutique boxing studios have been instrumental in shifting the perception that boxing is a male-centered sport, into being regarded as a more inclusive wellness regime, similar to yoga or the martial arts.
  • Kobox has made the high-end boutique boxing lifestyle accessible to a wider audience who want an affordable luxury experience.
  • Everybody Fights is widely regarded as a cool boxing gym that has a wide variety of exercises each designed to provide elements of boxer training in addition to boxing.
  • TwelveThree has introduced punch trackers into their boxing classes that track the velocity and intensity of punches.

Hybrid HIIT Programs

  • This fitness trend involves the fusion of other workout programs with HIIT to form HIIT hybrids. One of the most popular fusions is the pairing of HIIT with yoga.
  • Core Power Yoga is a popular example, which “roots an intense physical workout in the mindfulness of Yoga”.
  • HIIT hybrids have become very popular in the boutique fitness industry despite warning from some professionals about the increased risk of injury.
  • Speir Pilates has created hybrid classes (Reformer exercises fused with barre/HIIT/cardio elements) that provide good full-body workouts.
  • Rumble has a boxing-inspired group fitness class that has elements of HIIT, strength training, metabolic conditioning, and cardio.