Research Outline

Boutique Hospitality Trends Asia-Pacific


To find a list of trends in the boutique hospitality industry, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. These trends will be used to build a hotel marketing plan.

Early Findings

  • Travellers to Asia-Pacific are looking for new and original experiences. In the time of Social Media, they expect these experiences to be "share-worthy". This puts pressure on hotels to constantly improve and diversify their services to surprise their clients and impress them.
  • More affluent tourists in Asia-Pacific tend to spend more on experiences than on hotel accomodation, which shows that what they are looking for essentially is a unique and original service.
  • One of the trends of boutique hotels in Asia-Pacific is to be eco-friendly, with a commitment shown to protect the environment and to be sustainable. An example is a hotel in Bangkog who has decided to ban single-use plastics.These hotels tend to offer vegan options, and source their products locally.
  • There is a growing market in Asia-Pacific for "Lifestyle hotels", targeting millenials and with a strong focus on the comfort of mind and body.
  • Customers want to experience the culture of their destinations, even in their accomodation, and boutique hotels seem to be the type of hospitality services that allows them to do so. To satisy this demand, some boutique hotels are working towards creating local experiences in their facilities, mainly in the culinary field. These hotels can also tailor their design to immerse their customers into their destination.
  • Boutique hotels are also focusing on providing the best technology for their clients, such as AI travel assistants, smart rooms and internet access, as customers use these tools to plan their trips.
  • Technology can also be used to make the experience of checking in and out of a hotel a more enjoyable and seamless experience.
  • The popularity of boutique hotels in China is growing with customers being attracted by their superb location, style and unique services.