Research Outline

Business to Consumer Cannabis Education


Identify additional B2C players in the cannabis education industry and the details of each, including major investors, funding amounts, unique selling/value proposition, niche, leadership team members and, go-to marketing strategy.

Early Findings

Green Carpet Growing

  • Marc Emmelmann has a home grow class that is held in his home. While in the class, students are listening to his lecture, then practice various cannabis plant caretaking tasks such as planting clones, watering and inspecting cannabis plants’ trichomes. This curious scene is part of the curriculum offered by Emmelmann’s San Diego-based company, Green Carpet Growing.
  • The company is located in San Diego.
  • “My business of teaching people about growing their own cannabis is vital,” Emmelmann said. “It’s not gonna reflect positively upon our society if nobody can grow cannabis and only an elite select few are cultivating eventually leading to a complete corporatization of cannabis.”Emmelmann said that his students want to grow for various reasons, including saving money on products and growing cannabis for themselves or a loved one.

Holistic Caring

  • Holistic Caring, consults with patients about how to use cannabis in their healthcare routine.
  • When she found out there wasn’t a lot of information for those that wanted to use it medicinally, she was inspired to launch Holistic Caring. “When I sit down with somebody, I walk them through what is available at the dispensary, teaching them exactly when to take the different methods of administration, and how to time that with their real life,” Mack said. “I needed to start this company because when I went to the dispensary, nobody was able to provide me the guidance that I wanted.”
  • Mack eventually wants to see more doctors incorporate cannabis into their practices and more medicinal cannabis consulting in dispensaries.

MJ Tours

  • CEO and founder Kaylena Pinuelas said her tours are unique cannabis experiences that educate the public on the importance of recreational state licenses and knowing where their product comes from.
  • MJ Tours’ most educational tour, the Grow-op Tour, demonstrates cannabis’ route from “seed to smoke,” and reinforces Pinuelas’ beliefs in choosing legal and tested products.
  • For $110, the tour consists of visits to local dispensary San Diego Recreational Cannabis, cultivator Outliers Collective and cannabis lab Infinite Chemical Analysis.

Cannabis Club TV

  • Built as the Netflix of weed, Cannabis Club TV is the first Direct Out Of Home (DOOH) and Over the Top TV (OTTtv) network, website and mobile channel devoted to the cannabis industry-at dispensaries, in your pocket & on the Internet.
  • CCTV is for businesses to use. It states it will increase shopper loyalty, trust, and knowledge.


  • Dosist, a cannabis company focused on health and healing, recently hosted a 10-day wellness retreat in Toronto, featuring workshops from the city’s fellow health and wellness brands. The goal was to help garner support for making Dosist legal in Canada, which bans access to concentrates.Seattle-based edibles brand The Goodship Co. even hosts its own lecture series, The Goodship Academy of Higher Education. While the talks don’t often have to do with marijuana, speakers and attendees are encouraged to consume it before the events begin. “This allows us to look at the world through a difference lens, and we think that it is a fun and enlightening experiment to partner altered states with big ideas,” the website states. Last year’s lectures included “Beyond Good and Evil: The Future of Cybercrime” and “Prehistoric Sex and the Future of Modern Romance.”