Research Outline

Bipolar Disorder: Business Strategy


To obtain an understanding of the economic burden that bipolar disorder imposes on the U.S. economy annually including information about where the costs come from, why they matter, and how they can be offset through a public benefit corporation that services an innovation lab for bipolar talent and/or a lifestyle design and employment network for these individuals.

Early Findings

Causes of the Economic Burden

Research Studies


  • The business opportunities in the bipolar disorder industry can be leveraged by solving the above-listed problems associated with the industry.
  • Analysis of the academic publications relating to the unmet needs of bipolar patients reveals that the industry's business strategy will come from providing;
    • 1. A rapid treatment with lesser side effects.
    • 2. A better treatment targeting cognitive deficits in BD
  • Tools/technology for;
    • 1. Improving the health condition of bipolar patients
    • 2. improving medication adherence of bipolar patients
    • 3. Monitoring bipolar patients and sending feedbacks to caregivers or healthcare providers
    • 4. Help bipolar patients carry out their work more efficiently.