Research Outline

Business Traveler Customer Journey


To understand the business traveler's customer journey, especially as it pertains to hotel apps.

Early Findings

  • Though slightly dated, a 2016 report by Think with Google is referred to in many current articles about the business traveler's decision-making process.
  • The Think with Google report offers customer profiles showing as many as 850 digital touchpoints along the business traveler's consumer journey, with 4% of the online visits focused on accommodations.
  • A 2016 study by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) found that 61% of business travelers had downloaded "at least on one of the seven major hotel chains’ apps on their smart phone." They primarily used these apps for checking reservations, managing reward points, or booking a hotel stay.
  • Marriott's hotel app is among the most popular with business travelers.
  • Some 33% of business travelers use hotel apps for booking a reservation.
  • Hilton promoted adoption of its HHonors loyalty program and app with the messaging, 'What’s good for us is good for you’.