Research Outline

Capture Rates: Buffet Concept


To obtain an overview of the restaurant, key experiences, price points, menu items, 3 positive reviews, and 3 negative reviews for The Food Gallery and Eight Restaurant.

Early Findings

The Food Gallery


  • The Food Gallery is located in the Langham Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • The restaurant offers an array of Chinese, Asian and Western fare in a modern setting. The open kitchen and interactive cooking stations allow guests to watch the talented and highly creative chefs at work.
  • The restaurant offers seasonal buffets such as "Lobsterfest" and "Seafood Night."


  • The breakfast buffet costs HK$275 per person.
  • The lunch buffet costs HK$368 per person Monday through Friday and HK$408 on Saturdays and Sundays. Senior prices are HK$288 and HK$388.
  • The dinner buffet costs HK$708 per person Monday through Thursday and HK$738 on Friday through Sunday. Senior prices are HK$488 and HK$508.


  • The menu for the breakfast, lunch, and standard dinner buffet is not published.
  • The Lobsterfest menu consists of Lobster in Thai Yellow Curry, Lobster Tom Yum Soup. Laksa with Lobster and Rice Noodle, Grilled Half Herbed Lobster and Cantonese–style Clay Port Rice with Lobster, and Shiitake and Egg.
  • The Seafood Night menu consists of "jet-fresh seafood, featuring the freshly shucked oysters from the US and France. Dig into Western highlights such as the irresistible Canadian Thermidor and Oyster Kilpatrick with Chilli Tomato as well as the Chinese signatures. In addition, every two guests can enjoy a whole Singapore Chilli Crab."


Positive Reviews

  • 5 Star Review: "Just go! The selection is good, not extensive but the quality is in everything you will eat. The seafood is just to die for. We went to other restaurants supposedly in higher tier hotels on the island. The food gallery beats them all and by far.Vikki at the reception was so kind and so smiley. Very refreshing for HK. Well deserved 5* and returning home on a really full stomach of goodies!"
  • 4 Star Review: "I was very pleasantly surprised by the range of seafood that was available. For the cold appetisers, there were lobsters, crawfish, different varieties of crab, fresh oysters, various shellfish. There was a small sushi and sashimi station as well. The restaurant was small and cosy, I liked that there wasn’t a crowd queuing for food all the time despite having a full house that evening. I thoroughly enjoyed all the seafood, it’s was fresh, delicious and the buffet items were constantly being topped up. I still have cravings for the superb food and will definitely be making another trip back soon."
  • 5 Star Review: This was our first lunch buffet experience at The Food Gallery. We were pleasantly surprised at all of the variety. During our lunch visit we found choices from traditional Asian to Indian as well as a great soup kitchen, sushi bar and desert bar. The staff is very attentive and polite. The environment is quiet and comfortable.

Negative Reviews

  • 3 Star Review: "I was expecting the breakfast spread to be fabulous since it’s in Langham. I decided to splurge and treat my daughters and friends to breakfast buffet. We all came out disappointed. Though it’s continental cuisine, we only enjoyed the Asian corner because it’s served hot and freshly made.The bacon was tough. Very hard to chew. The salad station lacked ingredients to make it more enticing. It’s quite expensive for what it serves."
  • 2 Star Review: "I can’t understand how a Hotel like the Langham even has such a restaurant on its premises. We have a lovely bedroom here and also enjoyed nice cocktails in the palm court first and were looking forward to a seafood buffet. There is no sophistication here. It is a canteen with pile it high random Asian foods and a few over cooked half lobsters, prawns oysters and crab legs. The service is mediocre- it look ages to order our beers and no one explained how the buffet works. The so called whole chilli crab had only the merest scrap of meat on it. There were a few napkins to wipe mucky fingers. The only good point was that the staff were good at clearing plates. Given the price with a drink was c£75 per head this was the worst value for money in our whole month away. Avoid this place."
  • 3 Star Review: "Considering the high standard of the Langham’s other dining options, The Food Gallery was a disappointment. The buffet itself was small. There were 4 cheese and (hard) bread, a few cold cuts, 4 choices of sashimi but plenty of shellfish options. The live stations included noodles, roast beef, cheese baked lobster and some other grill. The choice of dishes were interesting but overall the tastes were a little bland. Desserts were nothing special. The usual cakes and mouses and ice cream. The staff were super efficient and polite. The atmosphere was chaotic and noisy."