Research Outline

Ceramiracle Overview


Obtain information on the competitors of Ceramiracle in the U.S. including brand overview, link to their product page, link to their Facebook page, link to their Instagram page, link to their Amazon page, FAQs listed on their website, Amazon customer reviews link, blogger or third-party reviews link, links to any PR features on their website, and their value proposition.

Early Findings

Ceramiracle Competitors

Moon Juice

  • Moon Juice is a nutricosmetics brand that provides plant-based beauty and wellness offerings such as skincare, snacks, and supplement products.
  • The company was founded by Amanda Bacon and is based in Venice, California.
  • It has a revenue of around $20 million and has 100 employees.
  • The company's products can be found through this link.
  • The company's Facebook page can be found through this link.
  • The company's Instagram page can be found through this link.
  • The company's Amazon page can be found through this link.
  • Most of the frequently asked questions are about the products' ingredients such as questions on the properties of superherbs, supermushrooms, and others. There are also questions on the safety of the products and whether all are organic and clinically-tested.
  • Some of the company's Amazon reviews can be found through this link.
  • Some of the third-party reviews of Moon Juice's products are from Into the Gloss, Huffpost, and Banish.
  • Some of the PR features on Moon Juice's website can be found in this link.
  • The company aims to combine science and alchemy to manufacture natural products that can provide health benefits to its consumers.

Summary of Findings

Our one hour of research provided the requested information and links for Moon Juice, a competitor of Ceramiracle in the U.S.