Research Outline

Chief Operating Officer


To get senior-level operating support for a solo lawyer on an as-needed, independent contractual basis by identifying 3-4 freelance or contractual COOs with a focus on helping law firms.

Early Findings

  • A fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) seems to be the kind of professional of most value since they can work remotely, temporarily, part-time, or on a freelance basis.


  • Etkin PLLC reports performing various levels of C-suite fractional services. The company notes: “We can provide general C-Suite services or focus on one particular area of need. We are agile and customize plans and pricing that meet the different requirements of our clients – small and big.”
  • Etkin also notes that it is “an agile law firm providing business law and collating services. When considering this angle and the offering of fractional COO support, this agency may be a viable option with reasonable legal experience in COO roles.
  • Contact Etkin by phone ((919) 679-1121) or via the company contact form.


  • GigX, Inc. is a platform with a host of C-suite level fractional professionals. The GigX site allows for filtering by type of professional and industry experience. The company advises to first search the public directory, then negotiate prices privately with directory members.
  • A look through results for COOs, with law industry experiences in firms of 51-200 (estimated) revealed 10 results: Stuart Goodman, Edward DiLuia, Marty Yuen, Kirk Andriano, Cabell Cobbs, Whitney Vosburgh, Chad Almejeld, Ciaran Foley, Rodney Brenneman, and Evan Cagner.
  • Chad Almejeld and Evan Cagner were the only two focus on fractional COO roles.

Other Fractional COOs

  • Luca Ranaldi is a fractional COO working in New York. While no details about law firms were within his profile, he graduated from Harvard’s Business School.
  • John Neuhart is a fractional COO with more than 20 years of experience in advanced leadership. He can be reached through his company, Synapses, at 691-993-1522.
  • Karen Moore is also a fractional COO with 4 years of experience working with a global professional services firm. She has 5 years of experience as a fractional COO. Her email address is