Research Outline

Collecting Consumer Psychographic Data


Provide information on what startups and companies are collecting consumer psychographic data, in order to understand the business model of existing startups in the space as well as explore potential business alliances.

Early Findings

  • It's noted that most search engines and many online platforms and mobile applications have permission to collect psychographic data from users, and that data is often sold to marketers or other companies.
  • For example, Facebook has partnerships with many data brokers including Epsilon, Acxiom, and Datalogix.
  • CaliberMind is a startup that uses machine learning and human language analysis to build psychographic data profiles.
  • Video advertising company Videology compiles and uses psychographic segmentation to fine tune their advertising strategy.
  • Confused uses psychographic data to predict car insurance risk and predict likelihood of accidents.
  • Narratrs combines a mobile platform with AI and integrates Facebook's psychographic data to support companies and influencers who wish to increase their online engagement.
  • Company StatSocial also compiles and sells psychographic data to marketers.
  • OzoneAI is a startup that wants to give users power over their psychographic data, allowing users to be directly paid by the companies that buy access to it.