Research Outline

Commercial Vessels: ECU


To identify the number of commercial vessels with and without ECUs for product development.

Early Findings

Commercial Vessels and ECUs

  • According to an article from Marine Diesel Sweden, two primary manufacturers in the marine engine market supply 95% of the total ECMs worldwide. These manufacturers are Bosch and Nira.
  • However, it was found that neither Bosch nor Nira has published the number of ECMs sold worldwide. Bosche has not published this information in its annual report or other press articles. Nira is a private company and has not made its sales figures available to the public.
  • According to Marine Insights, there is a demand for engines that can cope with stringent emission criteria and smart and robust engines at a low operational cost. To achieve this, a new type of engine is being developed which includes a comprehensive use of electronics, hardware, and software in large 2-stroke low-speed crosshead engines that are known as "intelligent engines."
  • Intelligent engines include a central control system that operates the Engine control unit (ECU) and cylinder control unit (CCU). ECU controls the overall protection and efficient performance of the whole engine.

Summary of overall findings

  • Based on the findings from the previous research, there are 53,045 commercial vessels, and out these approximately 17,682 vessels have 2-stroke engines (one-third).
  • Despite extensive research, we were not able to find publicly available information relating to the number of commercial vessels that have ECUs and those that do not.
  • Information on ECUs are behind paywalls and can only be accessed through purchasing industry reports such as Allied Market Research, Markets and Markets, Orbis Research (sample report is available through inquiry), AI Market Research, etc (sample report available through inquiry).