Research Outline

Company and Personal Profiles


To provide personal and company profiles for the prepared list of executives and companies. Research will be used to prepare for an upcoming conference.

Early Findings

Becky Tanner, Cora

  • We found no LinkedIn profile for "Becky Tanner" in Cora's LinkedIn page or employee list.
  • We also found no search results for "Rebecca Tanner" or "Tanner" in the company's list of employees in LinkedIn.
  • Similarly, we found no Xray search results for an executive page or mention for "Becky Tanner", "Rebecca Tanner" or "Tanner" in Cora Aero's website.
  • We also conducted a press search for Rebecca/Becky Tanner in connection with Cora Aero but found no such results.

Gary Gysin, Cora President and CEO