Research Outline

Competitive landscape of full-arch dental implants in the US


To obtain a competitive landscape of full-arch dental implant companies in the US, including Clearchoice. To understand each competitors' target customer, product offerings and social media presence.

Early Findings

  • Clearchoice is a national company. Clearchoice focuses exclusively on dental implants, which does make it unique in terms of competitors. Other competitors were considered to offer full arch dental implant solutions and operate across a wide geographical area.
  • Hybridge is another company offering full arch dental implants across many US locations. They partner with local dentists to offering their solutions.
  • 188Implant offers full arch dental implants, partnering with certified dentists across the US.
  • Affordable Dentures offers implants and has clinics across the US under their own branding. They offer full arch dental implants.
  • DDS Dentures+Implant Solutions has offices in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi. Their website doesn't clarify whether they offer full arch dental implants among their dental implant solutions.
  • There are other national dental chains that also offer implants as part of their wider service offerings. They are BrightNow and GentleDental.