Research Outline

DTC Turkish Towel Market


To obtain a competitive analysis of the direct-to-consumer (DTC) high-end and/or Turkish towel market in the U.S., specifically as it relates to opportunities in the market currently and post Covid-19, in order to assess any opportunities in the market.

Early Findings

Summary of Findings

  • In our initial research we focused on obtaining an overview of the U.S. luxury towel market, with a focus on Turkish towels when possible, possible competitors in the space, and the impact on Covid-19 on the market.
  • It appears that market data specific to the luxury towel market in the U.S. will be hard to come by, as much of the data found was global, and the details by region are behind paywalls. Since we also need to focus on only DTC brands, that makes the request very niche.
  • Since no information on the largest companies in the space was found available publicly, Amazon may be a resource to locate some of the most highly rated companies by looking at the reviews for Turkish towels that have a minimum of 100 reviews.
  • Although some data was also found on the impact Covid-19 is/will have on the luxury retail market, there was nothing specific to luxury linens found in the initial research.
  • Due to the niche nature of the request, it is likely that data on the specific market, Turkish/luxury towels sold DTC in the U.S., will not be publicly available, but there are some alternative paths to obtaining helpful information that are provided below.