Research Outline

US Seafood Expenditure


Identify the total amount spent by US consumers on seafood per year, including specifically at restaurants and quick-service restaurants.

Early Findings

Total Expenditure

  • US consumers per capita ate 16 lbs of seafood in 2017.
  • This equated $69.6 billion for seafood expenditures at food service establishments (including restaurants, carry-outs, caterers, etc.).
  • In 2017, US consumers spent $32.5 billion on seafood sold in retail sales for home consumption.
  • In 2017, US consumers spent $39.8 million for industrial fish products.

Quick-Service Restaurants

  • Very limited information was found regarding how much seafood is consumed at different types of restaurants, including quick-service restaurants.
  • However, according to NHANES data from 2000, only 4% of seafood is consumed at fast-food restaurants.
  • The top 10 US seafood chains include Red Lobster, Landrys/Joes Crab Shack/Chart House, Long John Silvers, Captain Ds Seafood, McCormick & Schmicks, Bonefish Grill, Legal Seafood, McGrath’s Fish House, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Rockfish Seafood Grill, and Shells Restaurant.