Research Outline

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Financial Model


In order to provide a financial model, to provide financial statements, pre and post money valuations and unit economics, for the following companies; Icertis, Apttus, Exari, CLM Matrix, Symfact, Agiloft, SpringCM, Conga, Concord, Exigent, and Legal Suite

Early Findings

India based company Icertis has a valuation of just over a billion dollars, and currently has aggregate contracts that value over $1 trillion.

Apptus was bought out in 2018, and according to Tech Crunch their last valuation at $1.3 billion.
The annual revenue of company Symfact is $41.3 million.
While we found no financial reports for this private company, according to one source, Exari has an estimated annual revenue of $23.1 million.
We also found no financial reports for Spring CM, but one source estimated their annual revenue at $26.4 million.
Agiloft also had no publicly available financial reports, but did note in a PR announcement that in 2018 they achieved a 40% growth in revenue and a 200% increase in sales.

Company Legal Suite SAS has an estimated annual revenue of $31.5 million.
We also found that some of these companies are privately held, so financial reports will not be available.