Research Outline

Contract Stationers


To obtain a definition and job role description of contract stationers for purposes of developing a marketing strategy for that audience.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates that there is no standard definition of a contract stationer, but through examination of what self-described contract stationers do and their contracts with various entities, a general definition can be pieced together.
  • According to Copiers Northwest, a contract stationer is a "B2B supplies dealer."
  • Contract stationers are the second most popular source for office printing supplies in North America; only retail sources are more popular.
  • DeskRight is a contract stationer and provides wholesale office supplies to the government of Singapore.
  • DeskRight provides a "one-stop solution for any office."
  • Brutzman's Office Solutions is a contract stationer that supplies southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon with office supplies.
  • Office Depot is the contract stationer for Region 4 Education Service Center for educational school supplies.
  • The contract between Office Depot and Region 4 Education Service Center states that for a period of five years, the Education Service Center will purchase all educational school supplies from Office Depot at the prices stipulated in the contract.
  • Through its acquisition of Wilson Stationary & Printing Company and Eastman Office Products Corporation, Office Depot entered the contract stationer business in 1993 as consolidation was occurring.
  • A year later, six other contract stationers merged as further consolidation of the industry occurred.
  • Brands like Brother work with contract stationers to provide their products at wholesale prices to businesses, schools, and governments.
  • Using a contract stationer can help businesses better manage their spending on office supplies.