Research Outline

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Volume


To determine the amounts of Chrome 13, Chrome 25 and Inconel tubing sold in tons globally.

Early Findings


  • The consumption of OCTG in the Middle East is 1.33 million tonnes and that is equal to 12% of the demand for OCTG. In North America, the consumption of OCTG is equal to 31%, thus roughly 3.44 million tonnes. In Asia Pacific, the consumption of OCTG is 27%, thus roughly 2.99 million tonnes.
  • In CIS, the consumption is 15%, thus roughly 1.66 million tonnes. In Latin America, the consumption is equal to 8%, thus roughly 0.88 million tonnes. In Africa, the consumption is equal to 4%, thus roughly 443,000 tonnes. In Europe, the consumption is 3%, thus roughly 332,500 tonnes.
  • The total consumption of OCTG would then roughly be 11.07 million tonnes.
  • Group 5 OCTG is made of Chrome 13 and its total consumption is 5%. This means that roughly 555,000 tonnes of Chrome 13 is consumed globally. Distributed over the regions (assuming each region's consumption is only 5%), this would be 66,500 tonnes for the Middle East, 172,000 tonnes in North America, 149,000 tonnes in Asia Pacific, 83,000 tonnes in CIS, 44,000 tonnes in Latin America, 22,150 tonnes in Africa, and 16,600 tonnes in Europe.
  • Sumito, one of the OCTG producers has a capacity to produce 24,000 ton of chrome OCTG. Vallourec and Tenaris, two others producers "have agreements with diversified steel producers, such as Sandvik and Tubacex," and havie an annual production capacity of approximately 6,000 ton of chrome OCTG.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research it was possible to find figures and estimate the consumption of Chrome 13 OCTG tubing.
  • The research indicated that consumption figures for these alloys separately is scarce. While it might be possible to find a global estimate of the production of Chrome 25 and Inconel tubing, finding information on the consumption per region might not be possible.