Research Outline

White Collar Graduate Insights


    Support research into a sales process with 2-3 insights on why a white-collar college graduate might choose an employer.

Early Findings

In general, the latest white-collar college graduate is looking for perks that go far beyond compensation. They are focused on ensuring quality of life both now (via company culture) but critically in the future as well (via expecting job opportunities, training and even strong retirement plans).

Willing to go beyond their major

  • These graduates are entering an extremely tight labor market. As such, more than a third of them said they would go to work for any industry that hired them- regardless of their major. Most expect to make between $51,000 and $60,000 in their first year working and 89% of them will get that or more. This means that targeting students by major may not be as fruitful as in the past.

Focus on the Future

  • For these graduates, the top priority in choosing a role was whether it provided opportunities for growth. In second and third place were work-life balance, then compensation.
  • This has to be backed up by action. 76% of them expect to be promoted within the first 1-2 years- consider working out a deal that includes a review for promotion, or a guided path towards it.
  • This is in line with the general observation for their generational cohort- they tend to be more pragmatic and focused on the future.

Beyond Compensation

  • When it comes to choosing a company, again, there is opportunity to go beyond dollar offers. The top priority for this target was company culture, followed by benefits (medical benefits and a 401k match) and a good office location.
  • This is linked to their willingness to enter any industry that will hire them. They are also already thinking about retirement so of course ensuring a solid cash base is important to them.