Research Outline

Creative Providers


Obtain a list of video editing software tools that are available in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Obtain also the total number of creative marketing agencies that provide video production in those three countries. Determine also the total number of digital marketing and advertising agencies that provide digital ad and campaign management in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Early Findings

Creative Providers

Video Editing Software


  • Renderforest offers software that allows users to create and edit videos.
  • The company is included in the Asia video editing software list in the Source Forge review site.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies

  • As per the rough count from Dun & Bradstreet, there are 163 companies that provide advertising and marketing services in Indonesia.
  • In Singapore, there are 3,048 companies operating in this sector.
  • In Vietnam, there are around 10,538 such companies in the country.
  • PT. Mukti Citra Jaya is an advertising and marketing agency in Indonesia.
  • The company is based in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.
  • It has around 700 employees.

Summary of Findings:

  • Our initial research provided a list of video editing software tools that are available in all Asian countries.
  • We also provided a rough estimate of the number of advertising and marketing agencies in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. Note that only the Dan and Bradstreet website was the only one found that has this total number of companies summary.
  • However, most of them have no website and their company backgrounds are only available in business directories.
  • Most of them also did not indicate their starting price as this typically depends on the client's preference for customized solutions.
  • We were also not able to provide country-specific video-editing software as most software tools are available online and can be accessed across geographies.