Research Outline

Dating Apps


To understand the data around dating applications to see what the percentages of paid users are versus free users as well as what trending data is available for these users.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were unable to find a general number of paying users versus free users on dating apps. In order to give a better idea of this number, we looked at two popular dating apps; Tinder and Bumble and found what percentage of their users are free versus paid. Below is an overview of our findings.


  • As of 2018, globally, Tinder had 57 million users.
  • Out of those users, 4.1 million users paid for a premium Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.
  • In order to determine the percentage of the users that are free vs. paid, we took the number of paid users (4.1 million) and divided that by the total users (57 million) and then multiplied that number by 100.
  • Based on those calculations, roughly 7.2% of Tinder users pay for premium subscriptions.