Research Outline

Digital Nomads


To obtain the global population of digital nomads (i.e. people who work remotely and live a nomadic lifestyle).

Early Findings

  • According to MBO Partners, digital nomads are a "population of independent workers who choose to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the world".
  • Research conducted by MBO Partners found that "4.8 million independent workers currently describe themselves as digital nomads".
  • The study also found that 17 million independent workers aspire to become nomadic someday.
  • One-third of the total population of digital nomads are female. Also, 54% of this population are more than 38 years old.
  • One in six digital nomads earn over $75,000 annually. Among this group, there is a relatively even split between full-time and part-time workers, accounting for 54% and 46% respectively.
  • According to estimates by Pieter Levels, there will be one billion digital nomads by 2035.