Research Outline

Digital note-taking apps


To obtain a list of the top digital note taking apps in order to determine the market of current users.

Early Findings

Our intial research indicates that there is not a readily available list of the top digital note taking apps by number of active users. Therefore, we relied on review sites such as TechRadar, The Balance, PCMag, Digital Trends, LiveWire, Mobile Apps Daily in order to develop a list of the most recommended apps.

  • Evernote is one of the oldest and most established note taking apps.
  • OneNote is Microsoft's free note taking app.
  • Ulysses is a note taking app available for Mac.
  • Keep is a simple note taking app from Google.
  • Bear allows users to create and sync notes on Apple devices.
  • Atom is mainly used for coding but it is customizable.
  • Simplenote is an easy to use note taking app availble on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Dropbox Paper is a collaborative note taking app.
  • AppleNotes is available for all iOS devices and integrates with Siri.
  • Zoho Notebook not only helps users take notes, it helps organize different types of notes.
  • Quip is a team collaboration tool supported by Zapier.
  • Any.Do is a note taking, productivity, and organizing app in one.
  • Todoist can interpret notes using natural language.
  • Squid is designed for taking handwritten notes with a stylus or fingertip.
  • Notion is not directly a note taking app but has the fuctionability within its task manager.
  • Standard Notes is a secure open-soure note taking app.
  • MyScript is a note taking app that recognizes 50 languages.
  • Notability has "advance notability capabilities for Android and iOS platforms with an array of highly productive functionalities."
  • SomNotes is a cloud based note taking app with up to 100 MB of notes storage.
  • GoodNotes is available on iOS devices only and is known for its great UI.
  • Coda is a newer note taking app with an growing user base.
  • Drafts is "a note taking application that is mainly designed to be a top-notch digital version of a blank sheet."
  • Diaro is a note taking app that keeps notes organized in daily records.
  • ColorNote is a simple free note taking app for Android devices.
  • Other note taking apps include AllMyNotes, Xournal, Outline, CintaNotes, Workflowy and NoteShelf.