Research Outline

Disposable Coffee Lids


To identify the top 5 leading buyers of disposable coffee lids in the United States and globally and for each provide the total number of lids purchased, consumer market share, and the total amount spent on purchasing the disposable lids per annum.

Early Findings

  • The US uses over 50 billion coffee cups each year.

Top Global Single-use Cup and Lid Manufacturers:

Georgia-Pacific LLC

  • Georgia-Pacific and its subsidiaries are "among the world's leading manufacturers" and marketers of tableware, paper-based packaging, paper towels and napkins, and others. One of their consumer brands include Dixie®.
  • Georgia-Pacific is a privately held company and does not reveal information on its sales or number of cups or lids sold.
  • Their Dixie cup customers are served from their Georgia-Pacific Dixie plants in Lexington, Kentucky, and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
  • Dixie® sells cups, lids, and straws for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Their Dixie® PerfecTouch® Insulated Paper Hot Cups and Dixie® Paper Hot Cups products are designed specifically for use with hot beverages. They also sell coordinating lids, such as flat lids, plastic dome lids, tear back lids and others.

Dart Container Corporation

  • Dart manufactures "cups, plates, containers, lids and straws made from such materials as expanded polystyrene foam, solid polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), paper and sugar cane."
  • Dart is a private family-owned company.
  • Dart Container commands a "large share of the global market in foam cups in addition to the red Solo cup. Its food service products, which include lids, containers, dinnerware, plastic cups, and cutlery, are sold to hospitals, schools, restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, coffee shops, sports arenas, and others."
  • Dart delivers products from more than "40 plants in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and the US."
  • Dart has an annual revenue of $2,153.64 M.


  • For the initial research, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible. Research indicates that information or statistics specific to a market share for buyers of coffee lids and number of coffee lids sold does not appear publicly available. However, we were able to identify insights on global manufacturers of single-use disposable lids and coffee cups. We were able to identify the main players as well as some initial insights on the first two leading manufacturers of single-use/disposable lids and coffee cups.
  • For this hour, we also tried to identify the total number lids or cups sold and the market share of the identified manufacturers, however information on this did not appear immediately available. We found that Georgia-Pacific and Dart are privately held companies and thus do not release financial or sales data. We also found that some of the top global manufacturers are from the US.
  • Research suggests that the main buyers of coffee lids or cups are coffee and fast-food chains. We can continue the research in order to find additional insights on this and for the leading manufacturers found.
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