Research Outline

Digital Content Management for Sales (DCMS) market barriers and opportunities


We conducted a preliminary analysis on Digital Content Management for Sales (DCMS) trying to answer questions such as what are driving factors and at what particular stage companies acquire DCMS tool, and how often sales teams switch to new or alternative DCMS tools.

Early Findings

  • 15% of all sales technology spending will be applied to sales enablement technology by 2021.
  • DCMS tools help content owners distribute key sales-oriented and customer-facing materials to salespeople, improving engagement with prospects and clients, increasing win rates, deal velocity, and growing deal sizes. DCMS tools also apply to indirect sales processes, such as merchandisers on the retail selling floor.

Case 1 (Alinean Inc. acquisition by Mediafly)

  • Mediafly aligns marketing and sales with one unified sales application, DCMS, facilitating the distribution of sales content, and gathering sales presentations using different content types (e.g. video, PowerPoint, pdf, etc.). This powerful integration will provide increased sales and marketing efficiency, more engaging and collaborative sales conversations, and a clearer understanding of what contents are driving more revenue.
  • Companies adopting a DCMS approach can expect to stimulate deal closure to 43%, driving company growth to 60%. Sales can experience as much as a 70% escalation in buyers purchasing more than expected because of the value and insights added throughout sales interactions. They can also drive business engagement, with buyers 82% more likely to come back in the future.

Case 2 (Bigtincan)

  • A recent study published by XANT shows that sales representatives spend on average 64.8% of their time on non-revenue generating activities such as content management. Organizations that incorporate effective content management within their sales cycle can obtain huge benefits such as improved productivity and time management, increased content adoption, improved lead conversion, and they also tend to be better aligned with the marketing teams supplying content. By introducing DCMS, salespeople will spend less time searching for content and more time focusing on selling.
  • SiriusDecisions found that 60-70% of B2B sales content is not used. DCMS ensures that all content will be seen and utilized by sales.
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide consider that video is the type of content with the best ROI. By integrating DCMS with content repositories companies will be able to automatically sync that content into their DCMS. Otherwise, companies would have to download all sales content from each repository and manually upload each document.

Case 3 (Hubspot)

  • A survey conducted by Hubspot shows that 82% of sales representatives are losing hours of work a week due to the use of different technologies. Thus, integrating DCMS tools will increase productivity.

Case 4 (Survey)

  • Reason for purchasing a DCMS tool: Drive revenue growth, improve business process outcomes, and reduce time to market.
  • Key factors driving the decision: Strong customer focus, product functionality/performance, and strong services expertise.

Case 5 (Survey)

  • Reason for purchasing a DMCS tool: Improve customer relations/service, create internal/operational efficiencies, enhance decision-making, drive innovation, and other reasons.
  • Key factors driving the decision: Strong customer focus, overall cost, product functionality and performance, and strong consulting partnership.


We conducted several query-specific searches using different online sources. Our preliminary analysis suggests that though different factors are driving DCMS investment decisions, there is no publicly available data providing one simple answer to the above questions. Rather, it could be productivity and general digitalization trends the reasons driving these technological implementations. However, there is a chance that some specific information could be found by accessing some subscription-based reports such as: