Research Outline

Drag Queen Research - United States


To determine style, color and and brand of 5 wigs that men wear for a variety of occasions and reasons.

Early Findings

For Hair Loss

  • Though not as popular, wigs for men do exist and according to, as for women, the key is finding a wig that does not look like a wig. "The wearable hair options get better and better all the time. Synthetic hair fiber is virtually indistinguishable from human hair in so many ways. Plus… synthetic hair does not lose its style or shape. This gives you a very low effort great style!"
  • Lace front wigs give you the most natural looking front hairline.
  • The HIM Collection by HairUWear brings classic and edgy together with six new styles for men. Each piece features a lace front made specifically for HIM to create the ultimate hairline that can be styled forward or back. The HIM Collection is made with exclusive Excelle fiber that can be heat-styled so you can style HIM, wear HIM, be HIM. The collection includes 6 new wigs: Style, Sophistication, Grit, Edge, Classic, Chiseled.
  • Based on search results at the website store Headcovers, other major brands in this category at Ellen Willie Wigs and Jon Renau Wigs,


  • During Halloween, and other occasions which people wear costumes like themed-parties, consumers visit costuming sites like Amazon and HalloweenExpress.
  • DIY-WIG, Watt's Wigs, and Karlery are three brands featured on Amazon.
  • Lacey Wigs and Rubies are two brands featured at HalloweenExpress.
  • Styles of these wigs are widely varied as they are often specific to particular costumes (for example, Elivs-type, hippies, 70s, etc).


  • The website Wigs and Grace, a well-known resource for those in the Drag community, offers both standard and custom wigs to their customers.
  • The standard styles offered are: Aphrodite, Betsy, Cassie, Donatella, Esmerelda, Fatima, Gabrielle, Holly, Isabella, Kim, London, Naomi, and various limited edition offerings.
  • These are offered in a variety of colors.