Research Outline

E-Bike Manufacturers


To provide the vehicle prices for each of the companies provided, focusing on golf carts, electric bikes, and cargo bikes, unless noted otherwise.

Early Findings

Cyclist Maximus 4170 and 12420

  • Cyclist Maximus manufactures pedal and pedal/electric cargo trikes and pedicab rickshaws.
  • The company produces 12 different types of trikes, each offering different chasis and customization options.
  • Their trikes range between £4,170f or a flatbed trike and £12,420 for a trailer trike.
  • The prices quoted above are base prices and could increase depending on additional attachments/functionalities requested by the customer. The prices exclude VAT and delivery charges, however, VAT charges are excluded for business to business sales.

Max Pro

  • Maxpro manufactures cargo bikes and pedicabs with electric assist capabilities.
  • The Maxpro EcoCargo XL costs $4250.
  • The Maxpro EcoCargo costs $3650.
  • The Maxpro blueMate costs $3999.


  • The Yokler X electric pedicab/taxi bike costs €5,990 excluding taxes.
  • The Yokler U electric cargo bike costs €6,990 excluding taxes.
  • The Yokler K versatile electric cargo bike costs €5,590 excluding taxes.

JX Cycle

  • JXcycle does not provide the pricing information for its products on their website.
  • Further research on the price range of the company's cargo bikes led us to e-commerce website where we found that the company's products range between $340 and $3000.