Research Outline

E-Learning/E-Courses: Competitor Pricing


  • Identify the top competitors in the e-learning/e-course space for middle school and high school students. Competitors may include but are not limited to: ones that offer e-learning/courses for a classroom setting, ones that offer e-learning/courses for individual use, etc.
  • For each competitor identified, an indication as to whether they offer courses in the following areas: financial literacy, leadership, mental wellness, civic responsibility.
  • When a competitor does offer courses in any of the above-listed areas, the course length and price will also be included, as well as a note as to the format of the course (i.e. classroom, individual, etc.).
  • In addition to noting the above details for the top competitors located, the same points will be provided for MasterClass, Coursera, LinkedIn e-courses, Google e-courses, and eDynamic Learning.
  • The overall goal of each of the above points is to better understand the competitive landscape of the e-learning/e-course market in order to effectively price similar products.

Early Findings

  • Edgenuity, Khan Academy, Udemy, e-Learning for Kids, and Alison are five major competitors in the e-learning/e-course space. Each competitor offers courses for students of all ages, ranging from elementary to college-level students.
  • Coursera offers courses in the financial literacy, mental wellness, leadership, and civic responsibility/ethics. Details for Coursera can be found in row 4 of the attached spreadsheet.

Google e-Courses

  • Initial research was not carried out for Google specifically because of numerous possible search results. Google has a partnership with Udacity where they offer e-courses about Android, web, Firebase Analytics, Deep Learning, VR, Tech Entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Google also offers online courses via their "Digital Garage" site, where they have e-courses related to data and tech, digital marketing, and career development.
  • Thirdly, Google has another partnership with Coursera where they have e-courses related to system administration, IT security, tech support, computer networking, and operating systems.