Research Outline

Effective E-Learning Services


To identify case studies of company-sponsored training programs facilitated by e-learning services, particularly focusing on how effective they were at improving operational performance and upskilling the workforce.

Early Findings

Learning Management System (LMS) for PGMOL

  • Professional Game Match Officials Limited or PGMOL is the leading body when it comes to teaching national and select groups of assistant referees on ‘lining’ techniques, interpretation and application of the ‘offside law’ and improving accuracy of decision-making to improve the standards of how the game is conducted.
  • PGMOL provides training and communication updates to almost 600 match officials, observers, and key stakeholders on a regular basis.
  • PGMOL decided to introduce a learning management system (LMS) that could equip match officials with the access to learning and development content on any device, no matter where they were located.
  • Roping in an external provider of e-learning module design services, PGMOL introduced their LMS that allowed for content to be available online and accessible, with flexible opportunity for engagement and learning.
  • Since 90% of PGMOL’s learning module consisted of video footage from recent matches, the e-learning service used HTML5 technology to allow video and audio to render directly in the browser.
  • This helped the learners to access the content and complete the module efficiently on any mobile or tablet device.
  • The other feature that was key to the success of the e-learning module was a simple, clean and easy UI that helped to build engaging courses, with the ability to drag, drop and upload content.
  • In terms of success achieved, the e-learning module achieved a 90% engagement rate in the first week of launch
  • Also, one of the courses on the module achieved 33% completion rate within 48 hours of launching.

Soccer Shots

  • Soccer Shots is an international franchise program, headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, that provides quality and engaging soccer programs for children under age eight.
  • Back in 2014, Soccer Shots realized the importance of a learning management system to grow their business.
  • The company started using printed manuals and DVD based video content to deliver training to their franchise owners.
  • However, this method of delivering educational content was found to be time-consuming and hard to scale.
  • With the help of an external service provider, the company introduced an e-learning system that would meet the particular needs of a franchise organization.
  • The 'manager role' feature enabled the franchise owners to manage the delivery of the training to their own coaches while ensuring that the parent body, Soccer Shots, had full control over the courses and content available.
  • Training tracking features which helped to generate reports and see how the courses, and coaches, were performing, were also found to be useful.
  • As far as the success rate of the e-learning module is concerned, it achieved a 95% learner engagement rate resulting in the enrollment of over 400,000 children participating in Soccer Shots program each year.