Research Outline

Electronic Health Record Software Systems


Gain an understanding of the market opportunity for Electronic Health Record software systems in North America and Europe, both public and private, including market trends, competitive landscape, and information on KPIs such as cost of sales, CAC, CLV, profit margin, number of users for market leaders in the space (including Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, GE Centricity)

Early Findings

  • The Electronic Health Record (EHR) market is growing rapidly, with a projected 5.82% CAGR between 2018 and 2027.
  • North America has the largest market share by region, and expected to continue to have the largest share of the Electronic Health Record market in the next 10 years. Europe is also an important market with a similar projected growth.
  • Total US revenue for electronic medical records systems in the US was approximately $11 billion.
  • Growth in the overall electronic health records market comes from an increased demand from healthcare providers and organizations for electronic data storage, which includes an increased need for app-based medical sharing with patients, and increasing government support for health information data collections.
  • Challenges in the market include increased caution around data security and lack of solutions around the potential compromise of EHR data.
  • Key players noted in the market were mostly US based; eClinicalWorks, Athenahealth, Inc., Advanced Data Systems Corporation, GE Healthcare, AdvancedMD, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, and Cerner Corporation.