Research Outline

Electronic Healthcare Records


To complete the attached spreadsheet. For each company listed in column A, to identify their target consumers on column F and list sources for that information on column G.

Early Findings

  • In this additional hour of research, we were able to find the target customers for seven (7) EMR companies. We were able to list our findings in the attached spreadsheet.

Category Market Share

  • Our preliminary research found that as of 2018 the following companies had the most EMR market share for hospitals: Epic (28%), Cerner (26%), Meditech (16%), CPSI (9%), Allscripts (6%), Medhost (4%), and Athenahealth (2%).
  • As of 2019, the EMR companies that had the biggest market share for ambulatory care providers are: Epic (33.4%), Cerner (24.9%), Meditech (10.6%), Evident CPSI (7.9%), Allscripts (5.0%), Athenahealth (3.2%), eClinicalWorks (3.0%), Netsmart Technologies (0.9%), NextGen Healthcare (0.8%), and Indian Health Service (0.5%).

Summary of Findings

  • During this hour of research, we focused on finding the target customers for the EMR providers on the attached spreadsheet, prioritizing them according to the size of their market share.
  • In addition, we looked for existing data on the top EMR companies by market share per customer category. We were able to find the data for hospitals and ambulatory care providers.
  • We recommend completing the spreadsheet to identify the target consumers for each remaining company on the list.