Research Outline

Outreach Activities to Build a Stable Listener Base


  • To learn about different outreach activities strategies/practices used to successfully build a user base.

Early Findings

  • Using third-party services like the Playlist King is a way artists and bands can increase their exposure and build a stable listener base. Standard Playlist King packages place one artist-provided song on various Spotify playlists reaching listener audiences ranging from up to 10,000 listeners to up to 250,000 listeners, depending on the plan chosen.
  • Music streaming services are saturated with content from a mix of new and well-established artists and groups. Soundcloud guides on ways artists and groups can not only get their music noticed but build an active, stable listener base.
  • Hire a Soundcloud promotion service such as Music Promotion Corp, which provides a couple of free promotion opportunities in addition to paid ones. Artists and musicians who share or make a post about Music Promotion Club on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts can get 3000 free plays of one song on Soundcloud. To get the free plays, proof of the share or post along with a copy of the song you want to be promoted, must be sent to SoundCloud via chat or e-mail.
  • Earn organic Soundcloud plays by following top artists, leaving good comments on their tracks, and sending a private message complimenting their work and asking them to listen to your work.If they like what they hear, they are likely to share it on their Soundcloud page, exposing your song to all of their listeners. A note of caution, if the artist’s account is owned by their promoters, you will be asked to pay for the promotion.
  • This Fiverr page lists 24 affordable, user-reviewed and ranked Soundcloud promotion services it identifies as "The Best SoundCloud Promotion Services."

Our initial hour of research indicates that relaible ways to build a stable listener base depend getting your music heard by more listeners on streaming services. Promoting your music on streaming services is the best way to get it heard. Most promotional opportunities on streaming services such as Soundcloud and Spotify are handled by third-party services. Promotional opportunities range from free to somewhat expensive, depending on the level of promotion you wish to receive.