Research Outline

Employee Attrition/Retention Prediction


To analyze the competition in the employee attrition/retention prediction market to create a differentiation strategy for the startup by mapping out the top players in this space.

Early Findings

There are different types of options available when it comes to employee retention/attrition prediction.
  • Some companies offer consulting services through which they work with a client to analyze their employee retention trends/possibilities. An example of such a company is Infoworks that offers their services (i.e. analysis on demand) but do not have a standalone product that analyzes employee retention.
  • There are a number of companies that offer products that predict employee retention/attrition, e.g. Visier, Datapine, Namely, BlueGranite, CultureAmp, and Experfy.
  • This list is not exhaustive and the players mentioned may not be top players in this space.
  • Visier analyzes performance, absence and overtime, and talent management.
  • Datapine analyzes employee performance and general workforce metrics.
  • Namely analyzes employee retention/attrition by analyzing benchmarks, genearl HR insights, pay equity, diversity, and generates reports.
  • Experfy analyzes churn prediction, attrition root cause, and resignations across a number of factors.